To God be the glory
Sangeetha who grew up in our home got married recently to a fine gentleman Mr. Sathish. - To God be the glory
Hannah Leela
My name is Hannah Leela, I grew up in Hope for the Hopeless International Rehabilitation Center along with my mother from 2002 on wards. I am a graduate and also a tailor. In the year 2016 the managing trustee of Hope for the Hopeless International , Aunty Rani got me married to a fine gentleman and today we are blessed with a child too.
By the Grace of God and the training I received from the Rehabilitation center is helping me to lead a successful life. - Hannah Leela
The trust is committed to reach out to the poor, needy, helpless, frustrated, deserted, abused girls & women and work for their welfare and upliftment without any expectations. - Stephen Raj

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