1. Helping Destitute women and their children 
  2. Care for mentally, physically and emotionally abused young girls. 
  3. Providing shelter for the mentally unstable and ill(Schizophrenics) 
  4. Helping the visually challenged
  5. Helping the Physically challenged 
  6. Creating awareness among Sex Workers 
  7. Housing the rehabilitated sex workers and their children 
  8. Helping HIV + Women 
  9. Helping people inflicted by Leprosy


  1. Home for the destitute
  2. Home for the orphans
  3. Home for young girls who are abused and rejected
  4. Rehabilitation centre for mentally and physically challenged 
  5. Home for those afflicted by leprosy
  6. A de-addiction center for men
  7. A training centre for men and women separately 
  8. A retreat and counseling centre
  9. A preliminary school for children up to 5th Std. (gradually this can be upgraded) 
  10. A mini health care unit for the camp site
  11. An administrative office in Chennai for ‘Hope for the Hopeless International’ 
        (We need to have a minimum of 20 acres of land to launch these entire projects) 
  12. Two communities - Irulas and Gypsies respectively have been identified. “Hope for the Hopeless     International” plans on providing reform aide    to help improve the communities living conditions.

Hope for the WOMEN

Hope for the YOUTH

Hope for the CHILDREN

Hope for the AGED

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